Why Australia’s fastest growing company values wellness

March 28, 2016

When the AussieCommerce team decided to build its own in-house day spa for the fast growing company’s new Sydney headquarters, it didn’t realise it was ahead of a global trend.

According to market research company IBISWorld, corporate wellness is predicted to be one of the hottest industries in 2016, and is expected to boom between now and 2020.

According to AussieCommerce CEO, Adam Schwab, “We decided to hire full-time massage therapists and offer our employees regular massages to increase wellbeing and help productivity – our team definitely deserves it,” said Schwab.

The e-commerce giant is also offering staff complimentary weekly yoga classes in the offices.

Rebecca Barnett, secretary at The Association of Massage Therapists (AMT), said having a dedicated massage room is unusual in the corporate world in Australia.

“Some workplaces offer occasional chair massages to their employees at their desks, but it is much more innovative for a company to set aside a permanent space and have full-time staff offering massages. That way, you’re taken away from your desk and can have a more all-rounded experience, and truly enjoy the benefits of a massage,” Barnett said.

“Research shows workplace massages can reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue and can relieve headaches. Massages has also been shown to reduce blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and can improve sleep,” she added.

According to a report by the Rand Corporation (as reported by INC.com), every dollar business owners invest in corporate wellness is expected to return $3.80 in savings, productivity improvements and other benefits.

“Employers and employees are becoming more receptive to corporate wellness programs as attitudes toward health and fitness shift toward prevention and improved quality of life,” IBISWorld analyst Sarah Turk told INC.com.

Schwab said that although the massage service has only been available for a few months, staff are already seeing the benefits.

“I’ve had several employees tell me they feel much more productive and that the service has increased their wellbeing at work, which is fantastic to hear as a manager,” he said.

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