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5 Key Elements of a Home Office

Here at Lux Group we have employees working not just in our Sydney and Melbourne HQ’s, but across the country, and the world. While flexible working arrangements is a key part of many employee’s #LuxGroupLife, it’s important to stop and think about your home workspace. We asked The Home’s Senior Stylist, and owner/founder of Décor … Continue reading “5 Key Elements of a Home Office”

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The Best Piece Of Career Advice I Ever Received Was…

7 members of the Lux Group Executive Leadership Team share the best piece of career advice they’ve been given.

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What is it really like to work at Lux Group?

As our Sydney Office Manager, Eloise has eyes and ears on all things happenings here at Lux Group.

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The Power Of Influencers In Social Media Marketing

With the rising number of ‘insta-famous’ celebrities, the opportunities are endless when it comes to incorporating the right influencer to your social media strategy.

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5 Reasons To Intern At Lux Group

Are you considering an internship? We asked PR and Social Media Intern Ashlen to give us the low down on what it’s really like doing work experience here at Lux Group….

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Stand Up Desks: Are They Worth It?

Last year Dave from the Lux Group Customer Service team opted to get himself a stand up desk, and for the last six months he’s been full-time standing.

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Spotlight on Staff: From Law to GM

From a Law Degree to General Manager – Affiliate Business and everything in between, here Daniel shares his journey…

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Introducing… The Lux Group Baby Bonus Scheme

One for the parents-to-be, People and Culture Manager Elise answers all your questions on the brand new Lux Group Baby Bonus Scheme…

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A French girl’s guide to the Australian working culture

When Barbara first arrived in Australia 2.5 years ago, she had left behind her role as a logistics coordinator in an large, established Industrial company in France. What she found in sunny Sydney was quite the opposite.

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A day in the life of… Beauty Buyer at Lux Group

With over six years in the beauty industry, Jess boasts a cosmetics cupboard most women would drool over as the Brands Exclusive Beauty Buyer at Lux Group. Here, Jess shares what it’s really like to buy beauty for a living…

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How to stay organized in 2017

As the Lux Group Office Manager in Sydney, Talisha juggles a daily list of shifting priorities and manages the needs of every single department. How does she stay on top of it all? Here, Talisha share’s her top 5 tips to help you keep that little bit more organized this year.

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Attracting & Retaining Millennial Employees

Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials are quickly making up the majority of our work place. Generally speaking, they’re hungry to reach the top, and fast. So how do we attract those with this everlasting hunger? And once they’re in, how do we continue to feed it? Here, millennial and People & Culture Assistant at … Continue reading “Attracting & Retaining Millennial Employees”

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A day in the life of a Product Manager

A Product Manager plays a vital role in a tech company. It is an intersection between business, technology and user experience, and the Product Manager is the person responsible for defining the “why”, “what” and “when” of a product that drives the engineering team. Here, Lux Group’s Ruchi explains what being a Product Manager is … Continue reading “A day in the life of a Product Manager”

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6 Things To Try Before Calling Tech Support

Caden mans the IT Help Desk at Lux Group and is one of the company’s most popular staff members. Not just because of his winning smile (though that doesn’t hurt), but because he’s the office go-to on all things tech. We’ve all experienced the frustration when your computer doesn’t act quite like you want it … Continue reading “6 Things To Try Before Calling Tech Support”

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2016: A Year in Review

From re-brands to our very first international philanthropic project, 2016 was a big year for Lux Group! Here, CEO Adam Schwab shares his top highlights from the year that was. Wow – what a huge year for us here at Lux! It’s been a year of firsts for us across the group and we couldn’t … Continue reading “2016: A Year in Review”

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3 apps to make you more efficient at work

Alexandra is the CEO of Product at Lux Group. She is constantly on the go, and receives thousands of emails every week. Over the years, she has discovered useful tools that help her become more efficient – here, she shares the top three apps you should be adding to your work life, and could save you up … Continue reading “3 apps to make you more efficient at work”

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What I learnt from interning at Lux Group

It’s no secret that scoring a coveted internship can be a fast-track into your dream career. Molly is studying a Bachelor of Arts/Media at Macquarie University, and she recently interned with Lux Group’s PR & Social Media department. Here, she shares a few of the invaluable lessons she learnt during her internship! Be ready to learn – … Continue reading “What I learnt from interning at Lux Group”

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How beauty sampling can boost your business

Think back to the first time you purchased a beauty product or a piece of clothing online. You were probably hesitant. We are asked to pay for something in exchange for an item we haven’t physically seen or touched. A truly crazy concept? Product sampling overcomes these concerns by allowing the consumer a rare ‘try … Continue reading “How beauty sampling can boost your business”

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How to create a positive company culture

Company culture is the DNA of any workplace, and having a company culture that reflects our company values is top priority for Lux Group. “As part of our culture, we believe that ‘how’ you achieve results is just as important as ‘what’ is achieved. The process is just as important as the outcome,” our Group People … Continue reading “How to create a positive company culture”

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6 Myths about Social Media for Business

Social media is not only important for a business, but these days it is a must. However, how do you know if you are doing it right?
Our Social Media Specialist Riley sets the record straight when it comes to some of the most common myths about social media so you can get your strategy right!

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8 benefits of massages in the workplace

One of the (many) perks of working at Lux Group is that staff can enjoy free massages at the built-in day spas at our Melbourne and Sydney headquarters.
Although it sounds like a dream made in pamper heaven, there are also several health and wellbeing benefits to enjoying massages in the workplace.
Here, our Sydney massage therapist Lorena lists some of the perks to this perk!

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A day in the life of… Customer Service at Lux Group

Cristela has been working in customer service at Lux Group for more than four years, and is the Senior Customer Support Executive across the company’s travel businesses.
Here, Cristela shares her secrets to good customer service, and why it is such a gratifying job.

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How to buy the perfect present

We all love surprises, but most of us have probably been on the receiving ends of an unwanted gift or two in the past.
So how do you buy the perfect present?
Megan is the Buying Team Leader at online store – the go-to destination for quirky gifts, kitchy décor and trendy fashion items – so we asked her to share her secrets to picking the perfect gift for that certain someone. Thank us later!

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7 secrets behind a killer presentation

Ben is National Head of Sales for Lux Group’s Experiences vertical, and has over 20 years of business and sales experience. He is also a regular coach, consultant and guest speaker, so presenting is a regular part of his job.
Ben shares his key points on how to give a killer presentation.

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