How to stay organized in 2017

As the Lux Group Office Manager in Sydney, Talisha juggles a daily list of shifting priorities and manages the needs of every single department. How does she stay on top of it all? Here, Talisha share’s her top 5 tips to help you keep that little bit more organized this year.

  1. Have a planner

If you don’t have a day planner, I suggest you go out and invest in one (or ask your office manager for one very nicely). Mine has become my bible for day-to-day tasks, and helps me have a sense of control over my priorities and appointments.

  1. List it out

It’s been proven that by writing something on paper, you’re much more likely to remember it.  I start my day by listing and prioritising the day’s tasks. From there I’ll create myself an agenda and refer to it regularly through the day. Not only does it help with my time management, it helps keep me focused, on track and means nothing (and no one) get’s forgotten!

  1. Have a break

Now I’m not saying get up and go on a two-hour lunch break! However, taking a few  minutes every couple of hours to reassess your daily goals can make a big difference. Spend a bit of time analysing what priorities are left for that day, and what can maybe be left until tomorrow. Plus, I personally get motivated seeing a whole bunch of agenda items ticked off my to-do list!

  1. Do not disturb

Turning your phone off completely may not be ideal for certain roles, but when it is possible it can vastly add to not just your productivity, but to your overall health and wellbeing. I recommend taking baby steps and starting with switching those pesky notifications off. Blocking out all those unnecessary social media accounts, emails, texts messages will surely work in your favour and see your productivity soar. And just think, you’ll have all those tagged meme’s to enjoy on your journey home!

  1. Clean it up

I cannot stress the importance of a clean workspace enough! It not only helps with your efficiency and office reputation, but also helps stop the spread of germs. If it’s taking you ten minutes to find a pair of scissors, it’s time for a clean up! For me, mess equals stress so I take time every morning to ensure my desk (and inbox) is looking beautifully tidy.

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