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What is it really like to work at Lux Group?

As our Sydney Office Manager, Eloise has eyes and ears on all things happenings here at Lux Group. From organizing regular social events, meticulously stocking the beer fridge and all important Nutella jars or stepping in as referee in a heated ping pong match, here she gives us an insight into what our company culture is really like… From the moment I stepped into reception and was introduced to the Lux Group work culture, I knew it was a company I wanted to be a part of.

I was instantly drawn to the office, there is a lot of colour throughout – especially in the meeting rooms.  The kitchen area is a very inviting, featuring a wide open space that offers a  calming retreat for staff throughout the day when they’re in need of a break. Between the constant stream of pop music playing, and the high intensity ping pong match commentary, there is constant entertainment. It is just such a modern and funky office to work in!

There’s also a huge push from Lux Group on a healthy work life balance – from yoga classes and regular on-site massages to our Lux Legends futsul team! It was made apparent to me from the very start that whilst you need to work hard and put in the effort (one of our company values is after all get sh*t done!), you aren’t expected to work ridiculous hours. This isn’t a culture that keeps your from other aspects of your life, and it’s something that should be implemented in every workplace!

Since I started here at Lux Group, one thing I’ve  noticed is the wonderful cultural diversity within the office. We have so many nationalities, which I find fascinating. It’s so cool to come to work every day and hear so many different accents, and also learn about so many cultures. This diversity is something we should be proud of (I know I am!) and something we should celebrate as a group. Recently, we held an ‘International Flavours Day’ and everyone got involved by bringing along a dish from their own culture. We were all taken on a culinary road trip around the world, from France to  Bosnia and  South Africa, Ireland and Croatia just to name a few. The winning dish were some Brigadeiro from Brazil… DELICIOUS!

My desk  is in the reception area, so I am lucky enough to interact with a wide range of staff from all different departments on a daily basis, as well as observe others interact. I love how inclusive and welcoming our office environment is. Everyone gets so involved in office activities, from Yoga to charity bake offs and everything in between.. It’s brilliant to offer these benefits to employees, and it’s even better to see everyone getting so much enjoyment out of it!

The other perk of sitting in the reception area is being able to listen to the heated ping pong contests being held on a daily basis (a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone). It’s a fun addition to the office and encourages the team to take breaks throughout the day, stretch their legs and get their blood flowing.

All the social events held by Lux are such an awesome way to promote team bonding and communication across the office. Whether it’s our Monthly Company-wide ‘Mash-ups’ which provide an insight to how the business is progressing, or the quarterly themed events like our Wellness Day, there is always something to look forward to in our office. Even the never missed weekly Friday drinks are a great way of bringing everyone together!

I genuinely enjoy coming to work every single day. The wonderful team mentality and positive approach simply make it a very enjoyable place to be!