The Power Of Influencers In Social Media Marketing

With the rising number of ‘insta-famous’ celebrities, the opportunities are endless when it comes to incorporating the right influencer to your social media strategy. While matching the most effective influencer to your campaign can help boost sales, it’s important to consider the broader impact an influencer can have in your strategy.

As Aussie based teeth whitening start-up HiSmile found, using the right influencer in your strategy can reap huge benefits. The company reported a $10million turnover in 18 months, to which they credit nailing their social media strategy. HiSmile chose none other than the social media queen herself –Kylie Jenner, as the perfect influencer for their 14-24 year old female target market, effectively sky rocketing sales.

Here, our Social Media & PR Assistant Ashleigh takes us through  few key things to consider before jumping into a social influencer campaign.

1. Awareness

For new and emerging brands, one of the key benefits of using an influencer is increasing brand awareness within your target market. By selecting an influencer with a following that matches the market you’re trying to reach, your brand receives instant access to the eyes and minds of your desired consumers.

2. Reach

An indicator in measuring the strength of influence, is the number of followers the influencer has across their social channels. One of the reasons for the success of HiSmile, is the staggering 85.9 million followers of Kylie Jenner, who averages over 1 million likes on each photo. In one single post, the HiSmile brand name can be seen by up to 85 million people.

3. Engagement

While follower count does play a role in getting your brand in front of more eyes, the level of engagement is what will take the campaign to the next level. Likes, comments or views across social media channels are a great indicator of the level of engagement the influencer has. Engagement is an integral way to measure whether the influencer has a genuine following (beware of those who pay for followers!). An influencer with less followers, and a higher engagement level is likely to have a following that share a genuine interest in their posts. Essentially providing a stronger impact in their promotion of your brand.

4. Credibility

In selecting the right influencer for your campaign or brand, it’s important to consider their credibility in your field, and their posts. Choosing an influencer that is considered to have expertise in your desired area, to recommend or use your product, will diminish the ‘infomercial’ nature that some campaigns might fall into.

5. Resonance

A similar concept in generating credibility, resonance allows consumers to associate your brand with that of your chosen influencer. In combining the personal brand of the influencer, with your own, it allows consumers to get a better grasp on the nature of what you’re selling. This is a key factor in ensuring the influencer selection process should be carefully thought out.

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