What I learnt from interning at Lux Group

It’s no secret that scoring a coveted internship can be a fast-track into your dream career.

Molly is studying a Bachelor of Arts/Media at Macquarie University, and she recently interned with Lux Group’s PR & Social Media department.

Here, she shares a few of the invaluable lessons she learnt during her internship!

Be ready to learn – a lot!

My reason for doing an internship was to learn as much as I could, and I wasn’t disappointed. By doing various tasks, which were completely industry relevant (no coffee runs here!), I learnt what felt like a thousand and one different skills and gained a very real insight into the wonderful world of PR, marketing and social media.

You have to be organised

In PR and social media, there are deadlines to meet every day so the importance of strategic planning and scheduling was drilled into me from day one. During my internship, I also got an insight into event management, as I assisted the PR team with media events for The Home and Brands Exclusive, which gave me a holistic overview of how media events are executed before, during and after!

The importance of team work & communication

In a big company like Lux Group, team work is essential. There are many different departments – styling team, marketing team and each site has its own team – but it was inspiring to see all the teams communicate smoothly between the departments and all working towards the same goal.

Importance of professionalism

Going straight from high school to university, you aren’t given any lessons in how to behave and act within a professional workplace, so entering into a big office building was a whole new experience within itself for me!

During my time at Lux Group, I was able to learn how to handle myself from little things – such as  how to address people correctly via email – to larger scale skills, including how to handle yourself and positively represent the company in front of media during an event.


These are only a few of the things that I learnt from my time at Lux Group. Without question, I am grateful for what I have learnt here. The skills I have obtained have given me the confidence to go forward within the PR industry. I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to learn from the best (Riley and Mira) and be a part of such a welcoming and happy workplace.


Would you like the opportunity to intern at Lux Group? Shoot an email to peopleandculture@luxgroup.com