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How to buy the perfect present

We all love surprises, but most of us have probably been on the receiving ends of an unwanted gift or two in the past.
So how do you buy the perfect present?
Megan is the Buying Team Leader at online store – the go-to destination for quirky gifts, kitchy décor and trendy fashion items – so we asked her to share her top tips for buying the perfect gift for that certain someone.
Know your audience

Make a list of everything the person you are buying the present for is interested in – big or small – and try to find a gift that fits into every single item on your list. Even if you can’t find something that fits everything on your list, it will help you come up with some cool and personalised items that your giftee will love.

Listen for subtle hints

Has the person you are buying for just lost their favourite umbrella? Has she or he had their phone case just broken? Do some serious stalking and look through their Facebook or Pinterest for some clues.

Make them laugh

Know someone who loves sparkles? Fill their gift with confetti. Know someone who loves cheese? Give them the stinkiest blue cheese of all time. Make them laugh by giving them a stunning designer picture featuring an image of you doing a silly selfie, or give them a handmade piece of art from that time you tried to do pottery and it didn’t work out very well.

Include a bit of yourself

Personalisation and thoughtfulness will always win. So knit a scarf or paint a picture. Sing a song, rap out their favourite Eminem track or wrap your gift in one of your children’s school artworks… You get the idea!

Get a gift that your giftee wants AND needs

Everyone needs a toothbrush but not everyone wants one. Has the giftee just had a major life event like graduated or got married? Frame some of your favourite pictures from the day for them or make them a cool coffee table book featuring the highlights.

Make gift giving a memorable event

Get creative with your gift wrapping. Try out fabric or hand painted wrapping paper to add some extra sparkle! To add more excitement, organise a scavenger hunt around the house and hide the gifts in creative spaces. So never, ever, underestimate the joy everyone gets when unwrapping presents. Make it last!