How To Find The Right Culture Fit For You

Finding an organisation that is a good cultural fit is one of the most important factors when finding a new job. The money might be great, the role scope exactly what you are after and the location super, however if you don’t like the culture, it’s never going to work – well definitely not for the long term anyway!

Here, our People & Culture Julia talks us through the questions to ask the company (and yourself!) before signing on the dotted line…

Ways of finding if an organisation is a good fit?
  • Social media – use it your advantage. Most companies will most likely have an Instagram page, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile etc. Check these things out (especially the comments!)
  • Word of mouth – Employers are conducting reference check on you so make sure you do your due diligence also! In a lot of instances you will most likely know someone who has worked there or knows someone who does. Get in contact with them to get the full download on the reality of working there.
  • When in doubt google – find websites like ‘Glassdoor’ who have company reviews available, and also check out relevant articles around ‘best places to work’ in your industry or location. For example LinkedIn ‘Attractors’.
  • Company websites are also a great way to get a snap shot of the company culture – particularly if they talk about their vision, values and mission etc. If you don’t identify with any of these things it won’t be the right fit for you.
In an interview great questions to ask around a Company’s culture include:
  • If the role is not a newly created one ask why the previous incumbent left.
  • Ask questions in relation to the types of employee benefits that are available.
  • Think about what is really important to you about joining a new organisation (e.g. flexibility, career progression, learning & development etc.) and ask pointed questions around these things!
How do you figure out if a potential employers leadership team/style will suit them?
  • A lot of companies will profile their leadership team on their websites so it’s a great starting point to find out who is on the leadership team, their prior experiences and a lot of the time a quick snap shot into their personal profiles.
  • Research the leadership team through LinkedIn also – this can provide great insight into how they describe themselves, if they have won any awards and pages that they are currently following or articles they are liking.