A day in the life of… Beauty Buyer at Lux Group

With over six years in the beauty industry, Jess boasts a cosmetics cupboard most women would drool over as the Brands Exclusive Beauty Buyer at Lux Group. Here, Jess shares what it’s really like to buy beauty for a living…

What does a typical day look like for you?

I usually start my day quite early because I work with suppliers from across the globe – which means lots of different time zones! This involves emails, phone calls or skype conversations chatting all things from  products and pricing, to campaigns and marketing opportunities. From there I’ll spend the day meeting with new and existing local suppliers, and planning out the calendar for upcoming events with our scheduling team. I do get sent a lot of samples from various brands, so of course we test these out diligently.

As expected with managing so many products and campaigns, there’s also a lot of time spent executing an array of administrative tasks (supported by Tiffany – our  wonderful Buyers Assistant). In order to ensure the best possible campaigns and outcomes for brands, we spend a lot of time reviewing pricing, optimising graphics and of course liaising with our dynamic fabulous social media and marketing team.

What’s the highlight of your role?

For me, it’s all very exciting to see the different elements of the campaigns come together in the end and being able to present a finished product we are proud of to our brand partners and customers! This can sometimes happen in a very short time, so I’d say ‘wowing’ stakeholders on a short deadline is probably my favourite part.

What makes a beauty brand special?

Every brand is special! I suppose what makes a brand unique though is the connection they make with their customers. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ with beauty so it very much comes down to personal values (i.e. vegan, organic etc.) as well as individual style.

What are some of your favourite beauty brands?

One brand I’m definitely crushing over at the moment is Comodynes – you haven’t tried a face mask until you try this brand! Plus the fact that it has no nasties is also a massive win. I’m also loving Aussie brand Burt’s Bees, particularly their lipstick, because it hydrates and lasts all day. They’re actually in this month’s Lust Have It! box so be sure to check it out!

What do you like most about working in the beauty industry?

I’m not going to lie – being able to look at and buy beautiful products every day is pretty much my heaven. It’s certainly a dynamic industry; ever-evolving and fast-paced. The nature of the beauty industry means that I put in a huge amount of effort staying up to date with the latest products entering the market, what the latest trends are and also predicting future beauty trends!

Why should brand’s run campaigns with Brands Exclusive?

Brand awareness is instrumental for brands to ensure product and brand growth. Working with Brands Exclusive gives you the opportunity to expose your brand with minimal investment to a large and diverse database of customers. We also assist brands and suppliers in releasing old inventory by offering our customers significant offers which truly are great value for money.

What do you like about working at Lux Group?

I love working at Lux Group because I’m given the support and freedom to innovate in my category every day. Nothing is impossible at Lux Group! Not to mention the team of people I get to work with are the most friendly and helpful individuals you will ever meet. Oh, also the fortnightly massages the company provides are pretty amazing too!

What’s the craziest beauty treatment you’ve ever seen/heard of?

I think the craziest I’ve seen was the ‘Vampire facelift’ Kim Kardashian did where blood is taken from the body and then injected into the face to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Um, no thank you!

What your number one beauty tip?

Less is always more! There’s nothing worse than that ‘too much makeup’ look or being late for work because you’re only up to step 8 of a 14 step skincare routine (yep I’ve been there…)

Getting the basics right like good foundation, never-fail moisturizer for your skin type and a quick coat of mascara could be all you need to feel confident walking out the door!

Have you got a beauty brand we should work with? Email us at info@luxgroup.com.