How to create a positive company culture

Company culture is the DNA of any workplace, and having a company culture that reflects our company values is top priority for Lux Group.

“As part of our culture, we believe that ‘how’ you achieve results is just as important as ‘what’ is achieved. The process is just as important as the outcome,” our Group People & Culture Manager Elise explains.

Here, Elise shares her top tips for creating a great place to work for everyone!

Recruit on character and competence

As a business, you can set all the values you want but if you don’t have a team who truly believes in the values and embrace them, they just become words. Here at Lux Group, we take pride in the team we have and the fact that they put our values and missions into practice. They work hard not because they have to, but because they want to! Each team member at Lux Group understands that we are one team and can only be at the top of our game if it’s all hands on deck.

Pay attention to what your team wants

Employee to employer feedback is vital in gaining insight into the culture of your workplace;  finding out what staff like and dislike, what works and doesn’t work and making appropriate changes to improve the work experience. We understand the importance of our team’s feedback and are always looking for constructive feedback. Focusing on our team’s needs helps employees feel positive about work and boosts the culture. It is important to look after the people who look after the business. Happy team, happy Lux Group!

Maintain a high level of communication

Transparency in information is critical for any great company culture. Ensuring there are open lines of communication between the business and its team members will ensure the feedback provided is honest and helpful. If communication is welcomed and remains transparent, employees are going to feel comfortable participating in discussions, providing feedback and will feel as though what they say actually matters. In order to live our value of ‘One Team’, we have an open door policy here at Lux Group – in fact we have no doors! Through our open plan office team members are encouraged to speak up to anyone in our leadership team, which in turn, results in greater engagement.

Celebrate the wins

Hard work needs to be celebrated! We want our team to enjoy their working life, and not only do our team get challenged every day but their hard work and dedication to Lux Group gets rewarded. Whether they are nominated for an awesome prize at our monthly ‘Mash Up’ (maybe a holiday) or just taking advantage of our great staff perks (did someone say onsite meditation, yoga and massages?!), we always want to ensure team members reap the benefits of their hard work and know their commitment does not go unnoticed by Lux Group! #luxgrouplife!

Encourage openness to change

Setting the foundation for a culture within the business is one of the best parts of working in People & Culture, but actually changing the culture takes time, patience and dedication from every single team member. We need team members who are willing to adapt and evolve, and be willing to innovate, try new things and also be accountable for their actions when they do! Our six values are designed to work together, not in isolation and it is with these values that we have created the cement for our culture which we want to continue to grow and inspire our team members!

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