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How beauty sampling can boost your business

Think back to the first time you purchased a beauty product or a piece of clothing online. You were probably hesitant. We are asked to pay for something in exchange for an item we haven’t physically seen or touched. A truly crazy concept?

Product sampling overcomes these concerns by allowing the consumer a rare ‘try before you buy’ scenario. When it comes to marketing, product sampling is superior because it does what social media, TV, newspapers and radio can’t do – it actually puts the physical product into the hands of the consumer!

Product sampling continues to be one of the most effective means for direct marketing, which is the secret to the success behind Australia’s leading beauty box subscription service Lust Have It!

Still not convinced?

Here, Lust Have It!s General Manager Daniel lists some other reasons why your business should do product sampling.

Australians LOVE sampling

An Australia Post Consumer Survey completed in 2015 found that 86% of people (including 91% of females) like receiving product samples. What are we doing about it? The same survey showed only 19% of Australians had received a sample within the last month, while 1 in 5 people had NEVER received a sample! Sound like an opportunity? With a fiercely loyal and beauty obsessed database, Lust Have It! taps directly into this market.

Sampling will boost your sales

You might perceive sampling as a direct expense, but the reality is that it’s an investment in future sales. 25% of Australians who sampled a product went on to purchase it. Lust Have It! will feed online traffic to your distribution channels via on-going promotion to its subscribers.

You get honest customer feedback

85% of Australians say they are willing to provide feedback about the sample if requested. With the ever growing need to listen to what your customers are saying about you, sampling gives you a direct feedback line to your target audience. Lust Have It! provides brands a comprehensive report full of data, analytics of the campaign and thousands of subscriber survey results.

Get your message across

Trying to make an impact in the online marketplace? Get in the queue. However, delivering something tangible to customers is one of the best ways to deliver your brand’s message. Lust Have It! has invested in a sophisticated supply chain, so you can leave the heavy lifting for us!

Create buzz around your product

40% of Australian consumers purchase online at least once a month. Sampling is a lucrative way to deliver the brand’s “experience” and create hype about a product in the comfort of the consumer’s home. Lust Have It! takes exceptional care in the aesthetics and feel of your brand and its own – and our subscribers are always eagerly awaiting their next delivery!

Break through the barrier

Are you a new brand and want to enter the Australian market? Don’t stress, 84% of Australians would be happy to receive products from an unfamiliar brand. Lust Have It! can launch your product in Australia which saves you time, effort and money!

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