Introducing… The Lux Group Baby Bonus Scheme

Listen up any parents-to-be, this week we’re excited to introduce yet another staff benefit to working at Lux Group – the Baby Bonus! Here, Group People & Culture Manager Elise explains the new bonus scheme, and why we chose to introduce it…

 What exactly is the Lux Group Baby Bonus?

The Baby Bonus will be 8 weeks of full pay and based on the number of hours you are working when you come back from parental leave.

 Why introduce a Baby Bonus?

We’re constantly looking for ways to better reward our staff, and this is one perk that we were getting LOTS of requests for… they asked, and we listened!

This is a great way for Lux to support our young team to plan for their exciting futures.

 Who is eligible?

You need to be a permanent team member and the primary caregiver of a newborn or adopted child (this means you have approved Parental Leave with us). You will also need to have been working for 12 months continuously before commencing leave.

When is the bonus paid?

The Baby Bonus will be paid as a lump sum upon your return from leave (you will need to return to work before 12 months of leave to be eligible for the bonus).

Anything else we need to know?

Given we think this is an awesome place to work, you will need to stay employed with us for 12 months’ after receiving the Baby Bonus.

We are the only company in our local market to offer this and are very proud to be leading the way with this benefit for our team and their families!

If you have any questions or feedback, drop us a line at