Attracting & Retaining Millennial Employees

Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials are quickly making up the majority of our work place. Generally speaking, they’re hungry to reach the top, and fast.

So how do we attract those with this everlasting hunger? And once they’re in, how do we continue to feed it? Here, millennial and People & Culture Assistant at Lux Group Jennifer shares her top 6 essentials attracting and retaining the Gen Y workforce.

  1. Money Talks

A study performed by PWC on millennials in the workplace found that one of the biggest drawcards in attracting millennials in the workplace is unsurprisingly a competitive wage.  Most millennials have been brought up with an “entitled” attitude. We’ve been taught if we want something, go for it! If you work hard enough, you’re going to get it. Basically, we want it all and we want it now.

  1. Growth Opportunities

Speaking of wanting it all, it’s not just money that talks. Growth opportunities plays a huge part in fostering my ambition and drive within a company. As one of many millennials trying to break into the professional world, nothing makes me push myself harder than knowing I have the chance at a promotion.

Spend some time finding out your millennials goals, are they after professional development? Or is this just a job that is paying the bills? Don’t be afraid to dig a little deeper into how they see themselves as a professional. Working together on a professional development plan will make your team member realise there are plenty of opportunities within the company, boosting motivation and drive to stay with your company.

  1. Work Hard, Play Hard

One of the main things that attracts me to a company is its culture, and unfortunately it’s not something that can be faked. You can throw as much money at me as you like, my biggest aim, apart from working my way up, is loving what I do. Of course work can at times be hard and stressful, if you truly love what you do and enjoy coming to work then those stressful moments are going to be viewed as challenges, not chores.

A lack of culture is just as bad as a negative culture and can seriously impact how we feel coming to work each day. Find out what it is your employees like about a job from a cultural point of view. Is it flexibility with working location, or flexible hours, or even something small like a relaxed dress code. Whatever it is, embrace their ideas and implement what you think will compliment the DNA of the company. Great culture = great talent!

  1. Recognition and Reward

It’s starting to become a trend within companies… massages, yoga, meditation, BBQ’s. I don’t want to brag, but Lux Group has all of these and more, and it really is a little somethin’ somethin’ to look forward to! These ‘perks’ are the small things that really do add to the overall enjoyment of working for a company. It shows us (perhaps lightly spoilt) millennials that the company is genuinely invested in giving back for all the hard work we are putting in.

While perks are fairly high up in my “how cool is my job” scale even higher is recognition. I’ll admit, a massage feels damn good, but the thing that feels even better is getting an email from my manager or my colleague praising me for a job well done. The task that may have involved finding 750 fortune cookies, 5 of which were personalized, in 24 hours (note: most places want at least 2 weeks’ notice). But guess what? I did it! And I came in the next day to an public ‘Thank You’, plus flowers. This was HUGE! It gave me all the warm fuzzy feelings everyone loves. I felt appreciated and it far outweighed any feeling of stress the previous day.

Recognition, recognition, recognition, I can’t repeat it enough! Feeling appreciated for what you do, whether it’s at work or in general life; is one of the best feelings and guess what? Show your staff the recognition they deserve and they are going to want to keep helping you!

5. Open Communication

Management style is something that is different for everyone but there are a few key non-negotiables when it comes to dealing (effectively) with millennials. The biggie? Open communication.

Maintaining a friendly and approachable manner makes me 100 times more likely to speak up when feedback is needed, or if I have a great idea to share. Millennials don’t respond well to dictator-style management. We don’t expect managers to be our best friend, but it’s important to maintain a professional and friendly relationship. It sets the tone for the whole team, and we want to help those who want to help us!

  1. Company Values

And last but definitely not least, I want to feel connected to the brand and all it stands for! Implementing a strong set of core values is something I think every company should have. It not only guides all the work we do, but it leads the way in setting a standard for every employee that walks through the door. Lost with what to do in a situation? Come back to the values.

If you’ve got some genuine kick ass values, I promise your staff will take pride in showing them off! One of my favourite Lux Group values is “Get sh*t done” –is that not motivating as hell?! Plus it’s fun to throw in a cheeky swear word and feel a little bit rebellious.