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A day in the life of… Customer Service at Lux Group

Cristela has been working in customer service at Lux Group for more than four years, and is the Senior Customer Support Executive across the company’s travel businesses.

Here, Cristela shares her secrets to good customer service, and why it is such a gratifying job.

What is good customer service to you?

Being prompt, positive and helpful. Building good relationships with the customers, which means taking the time to really listen to them and not just raffling off what you think they are about to ask.

What qualities should you have if you want to work in customer service?

You definitely need to be a nice person. Nobody wants to deal with someone grumpy! You’re the key to helping someone out, so don’t do it with a frown on your face. You never know when karma will come back to bite you and you are the one needing help!

What do you like most about being in customer service?

I was born in the Philippines, and we migrated to Australia when I was four years old. As English wasn’t my parents’ first language, I witnessed them receive the most appalling and condescending service. Just because you can’t speak English very well doesn’t make you an idiot. Being in customer service, I get to help those who are seeking it and I find it truly gratifying providing our customers with a polite, prompt and helpful service. I treat them just how I would like my parents or grandparents to be spoken to. It’s nice to be nice.

What do you like about working at Lux Group?

The flexibility this amazing company gives me! I am able to be a working mother with a great work/life balance, therefore I am able to commit myself fully to my job and my children. I want to set an example for my two kids and feel passionate about teaching them the value of work ethic – and Lux Group is fabulous at making this a reality for me and my family. My kids will hopefully look back and say “Even when we were babies, my mum worked full time and took care of us”.

What is the nicest thing a customer has done for you?

A lovely family was reeling from their losses from the massive bushfires in 2014-2015, so they overlooked their book-by-date. I helped them lock in their trip, and while on their well-deserved holiday, they sent me a picture with my name written in the sand. After all their hardship, they still took the time out to think of me – someone who was just doing their job – and to thank me. I was very touched by that. The picture sits on my desk. It is the best reward I have ever received!

Cristela customers

How do you remain so positive?

With any service role, complaints are part of the job. But to me, there is nothing more satisfying than assisting a customer who hopped aboard the hate train and arrived at Happy Island. I believe it is the way we turn those complaints into satisfied and returning customers that makes Lux Group stand out from the rest!

What’s your advice to anyone wanting to work in customer service?

Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

What is the oddest customer query you’ve ever received?

A woman called us asked us to remove her picture from the Luxury Escapes website. She was referring to the picture of Livinia Nixon, our travel ambassador. The woman claimed she hated the way she looked in the image. This lady was not Livinia Nixon.