6 Myths about Social Media for Business

Social media is not only important for a business, but these days it is a must. However, how do you know if you are doing it right?

Our Social Media Specialist Riley sets the record straight when it comes to some of the most common myths about social media so you can get your strategy right!

It’s free

Whilst creating a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat or Instagram account comes with no initial cost, running one for a business is far from free! Apart from the obvious advertising budget needed to actually reach new customers, think about the other costs before diving into the big wide (and wonderful) world of social media. If you’re employing a professional to run it, which you really should, they’ll need a salary to start with. You’ll also be needing some top quality, creative photos and copy to stand out from the crowd – which often comes with expenses like a photographer, props, models etc.

Anyone can do it

This kind of sentiment comes up particularly often when interviewing for interns. Let’s make this clear: Just because you have an Instagram account, doesn’t mean you’re an expert. On the business side of these platforms are a myriad of tips and tricks that professionals will know, and professionals also have to be across all changes that happen with these constantly evolving platforms. If you’re starting out and aren’t 100 percent confident, hire a consultant or take some classes to help learn the ropes!

People consider it spam

So if you have great content and imagery, trust me, people won’t consider it spam – on the contrary, social media provides the perfect platform for brand advocates. My favourite kind of comments are when a customer tags their friend and encourages them to check us out! It means we’re doing our job showcasing the brand well enough that the customer wants to show us off to their network.
If your customers are spending their time browsing and communicating on Facebook, chances are they’re going to trust what they find on there too. If you come across a new brand and do a search, how often is that search natively on Facebook? And how often do you go straight to the company’s Instagram to check out what it’s about? Brands with no or poor social presence are ultimately doing themselves a disservice. Apart from the obvious benefits of brand awareness, social media offers a two-way conversation directly between you and your customer.

You’re too late

At last count, March 2016, there were 15 million active users on Facebook – and that’s in Australia alone! So if you’re not on social media, but your competitor is, then you’re already two steps behind. The good news is that yes, you are late on the train, but it’s not too late to hop on board and get great results fast – especially with an outstanding strategy.

There’s no ROI

Many exec-level decision makers are very business-minded, which is great for the overall company but can be problematic when it comes to the creative and somewhat fluid concept of social media. Whilst social media may not always equal a direct sale, it’s still a crucial element of the modern day marketing mix. It takes a consumer around seven touch points before they act on a brand, and with so many eyeballs glued daily to their smartphone, places like Instagram and Facebook are the obvious choice to place your brand.

You can’t track if it actually works

Whilst it’s true a lot of the benefits of social media is difficult to put a number on, there’s actually a lot you can measure. If you’re an online business, tracking which customers are coming from social sites and how much they’re spending can help justify your social media strategy – or suggest you might need to change it! Simple tools like Google Analytics can help ten-fold on analysing what’s working and what’s not.