6 Things To Try Before Calling Tech Support

Caden mans the IT Help Desk at Lux Group and is one of the company’s most popular staff members. Not just because of his winning smile (though that doesn’t hurt), but because he’s the office go-to on all things tech.

We’ve all experienced the frustration when your computer doesn’t act quite like you want it to, however Caden advises there’s a few simple tips and tricks to try before hitting the help button. Here he shares his top six things to try before calling IT.

  1. Is it plugged in?

It may seem obvious, but often this can be a very simple fix. Laptop not charging? Display acting funny? Check that cables aren’t loose or not plugged in at all. If you’re sure everything’s plugged in like it should be, try a new or different cable if you have one at hand.


  1. Turn it off and on again

This one is pretty self-explanatory but in my experience, will solve 9 out of 10 problems. It’s a cliché for a reason!


  1. Try it again

The error you’re experiencing could just be a one off, so wait a couple of minutes and try again. Having a little patience with your technology can really pay off.


  1. Is it just you?

Check if anyone else around you are having the same issue. They might have already figured out how to solve it, or if it’s a larger problem this can help pinpoint and isolate the source of the issue.


  1. Troubleshoot

What were you doing when it happened? How did you do it? Does it keep happening? The more information you can provide us from the get-go, the quicker we can solve issues that crop up.


  1. Panic

When all else fails.