5 Reasons To Intern At Lux Group

Are you considering an internship? We asked PR and Social Media Intern Ashlen to give us the low down on what it’s really like doing work experience here at Lux Group…

  1. Gaining practical experience

Reading books and watching lectures is one thing, but actually putting those lessons and theories into practice is a whole other ball game! By undertaking an internship with Lux Group, I’ve had the opportunity to learn on the job and gain vital experience not only within my field, but across a number of relative business aspects. My time at Lux has given me greater confidence in entering my professional life, and I feel much better-equipped for future endeavors as compared to when I first began my internship.

  1. No Day Is The Same

I think a lot of people have this image in their head that interns are made to perform all the monotonous tasks no one wants to do, or of course the stereotypical coffee runs. Given some of the horror stories I’ve heard, I can understand why, but this certainly isn’t the case at Lux! My responsibilities and tasks varied from day to day and there was never a moment I was left doing nothing. Throughout my time here I was given the opportunity to work with various brands and departments – which kept things interesting and above all, busy! The days literally flew by.

  1. Developing Interpersonal & Field-based Skills

I came into my internship hoping to expand and develop on a range of PR skills, as well as gain a practical understanding of what it means to work in my field. Much to my delight, I’ve walked away with all this and more, gaining both professional and interpersonal skills. One of, if not the most crucial aspect of PR is the ability to communicate effectively, and working within such a big company taught me the true importance of this, as well as conducting yourself in a professional manner. Working towards strict deadlines was a great way to kick my organisational skills up a notch, along with adopting better time management. At times I found myself working simultaneously on multiple pieces of content which has really bettered my ability to multitask. The skills you will gain from interning are endless.

  1. Guidance

It can be daunting entering your field for the first time not knowing what to expect. So doing an internship is the perfect way to ease the transition between university and landing your first full-time job. During my time here at Lux I received constant guidance and support by my supervisor Riley, as well as the wider team. I was encouraged to ask questions no matter how silly I thought it may be and never felt like I was on my own. Everyone was all too willing to assist me when required, and I learnt a lot through their advice and useful insights.

  1. Meet new people

Coming from Perth I knew very few people here in Sydney, so for me personally building new relationships was of high importance. I can’t thank everyone I met at the company enough for being so warm and welcoming in accepting me into the Lux family. Working with such kind, supportive people made the dreaded peak hour commute to work all that bit easier! It was great to meet so many like-minded people who made my time here a super fun, enjoyable experience.

If I could offer one piece of advice to future interns, it would be to make the most of your time by having a ‘yes’ attitude. The experience I’ve gained from interning with Lux is invaluable, and with the right attitude the opportunities on offer are truly endless.


Are you interested in interning at Lux Group? Send us an email at peopleandculture@luxgroup.com.