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3 apps to make you more efficient at work

Alexandra is the CEO of Product at Lux Group. She is constantly on the go, and receives thousands of emails every week.

Over the years, she has discovered useful tools that help her become more efficient – here, she shares the top three apps you should be adding to your work life, and could save you up to an hour every day!

One Note

This is a cross-platform app for note-taking and organising, and it helps me prioritise and be more efficient.

Throughout the day, I write things down in One Note (either on my computer or smart phone, the app syncs both) that need to get done.

At the end of each day, I go through my notes and prioritise the tasks that need to be done the following day, filtering them from the tasks that can wait and those that have been completed.

Having a note taking-app that syncs across devices means that if something does pop up when I’m out of office (or in the middle of the night!) I can easily note it down. The app makes it easy to share notes with people too.

One Note helps me know exactly what I need to the minute I walk into the office. Also, knowing that I have my priorities set for the next day, helps me relax after work!

Sane box

Email is a great way to communicate, but can also turn into a modern-day nightmare with all the information we are confronted with. I get almost a thousand emails every day, so I used to spend a lot of time going through my inbox, trying to filter the most urgent emails.

Sanebox is an email add-on that filters my important emails from my less urgent emails, and you ‘train’ it to prioritise certain emails or senders. I check the emails it categorises as less important once a day, which frees up so much time for me to prioritise the emails that are important. It also helps with that overwhelming feeling of a full inbox!

Boomerang for Gmail

This great email add-on lets you take control of when you send and receive messages; you can schedule emails to be sent whenever you like and hide messages for later (and schedule them to pop up back in your inbox when you need to).  I mainly use this tool to remind me if I haven’t heard back regarding an important matter – especially if it’s time sensitive. It will send me an notification by a certain date (selected by me) if no one has replied back to my email. This way, I don’t let messages slip through the crack and will never forget to follow up with people!